Today let’s start with Biden’s address to UN regarding the war in Ukraine. Putin also offered some dire warnings and Cold War tough talk. So what comes next? What is Putin’s strategy? Are we at risk of a nuclear war? What parallels to the Cuban Missile Crisis exist and what can we learn from that historical crisis?

Also, is Trump in trouble? Most definitely. We’ll talk about the latest developments from the week regarding fraud allegations and the classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.  What does the current situation mean for Ron DeSantis? 

Thanks as always for tuning in – we’ll see you next week.

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  1. Did NATO “take” Russian land in the expansion of NATO ? Yes, those countries had been in the Warsaw Pact
    because of liberation from NAZI rule by the Soviet Union. But to say those countries chose Soviet control is a stretch.
    Has Jeremy met any of the families of the Hungarian refugees of ’56 that came to the US [including Utica] ?
    I believe there was a Berlin Wall whose purpose was not to protect the people of East Berlin & East Germany.
    Lech Walesa’s leadership showed the unhappiness of the Polish people under Soviet control.
    I do agree that it is smart to attempt to see issues through the eyes of those who disagree with you.
    Western media could do a better job of that but the destruction and suffering in Ukraine is Putin’s doing.
    When the Soviet Union broke up many countries and peoples exercized the right of self-determination and I
    hope they are allowed that right no matter how much Putin wants to put the pieces of empire back together again.

    • Never stated anything like that.

      I’ve referenced numerous times the promise made by G HW Bush, “not one finger’s length.”

      And how fast the promise was broken.

      When you understand that, it becomes clear what DC has always wanted to do to Russia.

      Do yourself a favor as you seem like a History guy – and read Bush’s promise, then look up the Bucharest Summit, as well as Minsk agreements 1 and 2. Then look at the paper by the RAND corporation “overextending and unbalancing Russia.” Look specifically at the objective “arm Ukraine”, this was written in 2019.

      Please look these up. And then you will better understand my position.

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