Today we’re obviously going to focus on the election. But it’s irresponsible for us to make any concrete projections or predictions. Polls are still swinging back and forth and while things are still in the Republican’s favor, anything can happen between now and Election Day.

First, let’s look at the latest happenings in the most interesting races across the country. 

Two new races that have not been on the radar, but which are seeing developments have been the race in Iowa which shows Chuck Grassley in trouble. Next is Utah, where we see Mike Lee running against Evan McMullin who is a moderate along the lines of Romney. 

Also, what can the last several elections tell us about where things stand and what can still happen between now and the election?

Finally we’ll also game out some scenarios of events that COULD happen between now and Election Day and whether or not it would move voters – including changes in job numbers, Ukraine, and even North Korea.

Thanks as always for tuning in, and we hope you have a great week.

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  1. It seems that the decisive factor is the relative enthusiasm of the parties. With inflation/economy as the most important factor, it’s hard to see the economy improving. More likely getting worse with rising interest rates. Doesn’t that point to a continuation of the trend?

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