Today we’re talking out the elephant in the room which is the situation in Afghanistan. In our most recent poll on August 16th of 1000 likely voters nationwide, job approval of Biden has stayed at 52%. So far he has kept his coalition together. Where he suffered a bit is that his support of independents has been split.

When we ask about the president’s implementation of the withdrawal of Afghanistan his support wanes, though he did get 26% support among Republicans.

We’ll discuss our takes on the withdrawal and its implications on geopolitics. As the troops leave, where do they go? Is this a repositioning and the start of a new geopolitical strategy?

Also on today’s episode, can you find a super majority on anything anymore? In fact, we’ve found that you can. We have new polling data that shows (believe it or not) a super majority of Americans support term limits, removal of corporate PAC money, and a hypothetical proposal to require elected officials and high-level bureaucrats to wear body cams while at work? In short, we do see some super majority support for radical reforms and overhauling the status quo.

Have a great week everyone – we’ll see you next week (with video).

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