President Biden’s numbers have been slowly improving this week. They’re still not good, but his numbers are no longer in free-fall. Or could it simply be the goodwill of the holidays that’s contributing to the bump?

The President has been trying to remain very visible this week and trying to show that he’s actively working to help with the disaster recovery in Kentucky, acknowledging the challenges in dealing with inflation and the Omicron variant.

In these conditions, a 3-point increase in job approval can be seen as a real positive. 

Also – can the Fed get inflation under control or is it here to stay? 

Speaking of numbers – we’re going to have new numbers from a brand new poll. We’ll be releasing data over the next few weeks. We’ll get into Biden’s job Approval, inflation and some topics that are future-oriented including AI, the 4th Industrial Revolution and more. 

As always, thanks for listening and we’ll see you next week!

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