Today we’ll be talking about the prospects for Democrats and Republicans as we roll into the next election year.

Our poll numbers show President Biden at a 46% job approval number which is a bit higher than some of the national polls show. Despite the fact that this number is good, there are some lurking shadows that spell trouble for Biden and the Democrats.
Specifically he’s not where he needs to be with his approval among Democrats (82%), or Independents (37%).

We’ll also talk about our new poll with some very interesting points regarding the public’s trust and distrust of the government – specifically when it comes to vaccines and mandates. In our recent poll we asked ‘is it right or wrong to disobey a mandate?’ What we’re asking is if they equate these mandates with law. 39% said it’s right to disobey, and 36% say it’s wrong with the rest of our respondents unsure.

When we asked respondents who they trust more or who has more legal authority – local authorities or federal authorities? 46% sided with local sheriff and 31% sided with the FBI.

We’ll be releasing more data from our poll over the coming weeks, so stay tuned. It’s hard to believe that we’re almost to 100 episodes of the podcast and we thank you for being here with us. Have a great week!

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