This week we’ll look at the political future, or lack thereof – of Andrew Cuomo. At this point, everyone seems to think he’s finished – except Cuomo.

The Attorney General’s reports was comprehensive, detailed and damning and it’s clear that Andrew Cuomo has no allies left. So let’s talk about how this plays out.

Is there any chance Cuomo survives this, or how does it end? We’ll talk about the various outcomes and the political implications for offices across New York and whether we’re witnessing bipartisan revulsion at his actions and consensus that Cuomo must step down or face removal from office.

As always we’d love your thoughts and comments on how you think the next days and weeks will play out. Drop us an email or leave us your thoughts, and we hope you have a great week.

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  1. If you think Coumo was good on Covid you did not have relatives in a NY nursing home. Watched Coumo send infected people back to nursing homes because he refused to us a hospital ship Trump provided or a temporary hospital set up by a Christian group. Borders on murder.

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