John and Jeremy break down the big stories of the week through the eyes of different generations and unpack what it means for you. 

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Segment 1 – The Blue Tooth Caucus (1:10)
John and Jeremy break down the latest polls in the Democratic primary for the races in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. They stack up the data on matchups between Democratic candidates vs Trump and how young undecided voters can play a major role in this election cycle.

Segment 2 – Iran (14:50)
This week’s assassination of the top Iranian General and subsequent retaliation have sent shockwaves across the country and around the world. What norms have been broken and in what ways might history repeat itself? What does this international crisis do to the ongoing Impeachment process?

Segment 3 – Protests & Revolutions (24:25)
Is 2020 a “Year of Rebellion?” What might we expect in the year ahead?


  1. John & Jeremy – Good job on your maiden podcast. Nice to hear rational, informed and balanced discussion of important political issues. Keep them coming. R. Benedetto

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