If you were to tally up and rank the topics we have discussed in the last 10 weeks, you would find that the top 3 discussions have centered around Pandemic, Policy, and Politics.

But what happens when all three converge? That’s where we are currently in the United States.

In this episode, we’ll look at the 2-man race for the Democratic nomination and try to guess what Sanders (and his supporters) will do as Biden marches forward.

We’ll look at possible running mates for both candidates and how does the Coronavirus pandemic factor into the national conversation around healthcare. Are we witnessing a medical 9/11?

Show Notes:

02:30 – Where does the Democratic Primary Stand? It appears Biden is marching toward the nomination based on the latest numbers. Will Bernie officially drop out of the race, and should he? There is still a battle for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party and dismissing Sanders would be a huge mistake at this point.

Further, would and should the remaining primaries be canceled in light of the Coronavirus? What would that do to party unity? And will Trump need to start canceling his rallies which certainly turn out his base.

12:40 – Should Bernie Sanders not secure the nomination (as is likely) – will he run as an independent? Or if he embraces Biden, can he deliver his delegates and support to the general election?

17:20 – Who should Biden look for in his running mate?

23:30 – If Biden and Sanders called us today, who would we advise each of them to choose as their running mate?

27:00 – How does the pandemic factor into the national conversation around healthcare and how might that influence the election?

3:20 – Will the Coronavirus have a 9/11 sized impact on culture and the economy? We’ll talk about the similarities thus far.

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