The news is dominated by what we’ve been calling the medical 9/11 – the worldwide COVID19 pandemic. And now we’re ‘crossing the Rubicon’. Life, culture and everything will never be the same.

Show Notes:

We’ll start with some of the highlights from our latest poll with 18-29-year-olds. How are they perceiving our current situation? Let’s dig into the data.

Is the media portraying what the majority of young people are actually during this crisis?  We have the data.

As we’re going through the crisis together, how might we treat this as an opportunity for introspection? What do we value? Is this a virus a game-changer and will we ever act the same again? 

We’ll talk about how young people are polling regarding the approval of the President’s handling of the crisis, the economy, and how they perceive his trustworthiness, as well as other officials and organizations.

Where do we go from here? John, as the boomer in our conversation, has been witness to so many great changes in our country over the last several decades – and he has some advice for Millennials and Gen-Z  as we face this new kind of crisis.

Stay safe everyone and we’ll see you next week.

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