What does the national campaign look like with no crowds, no rallies and no kissing babies? We’ll dig into how social distancing, lockdowns and the general unease around COVID19 is affecting race.

We’ll also keep with the theme of Crossing the Rubicon and to bring up some stories about how the US Government is reacting and how some agencies may be moving to expand their authority and influence. We’ll look to history for some context and guidance.

Show Notes:

The effort to undermine Joe Biden – 01:30
There are a number of cross-currents going on. This is an online campaign now. Videos are being circulated that compile Joe’s gaffs portraying him as aloof and not up to the job – and they’re not coming from the Trump campaign, but from the Bernie bros.

The 2nd Cross-current is that Andrew Cuomo could become the nominee at a brokered convention in the fall. These articles are coming from many conservative outlets who have an interest in undermining Biden. So is Biden ready for the presidency or do some of the criticisms of him have legs?

Unprecedented government action – 15:00
Due to the pandemic we’re seeing several unprecedented things happening in the U.S. such as the Department of Justice’s request to Congress for the power to detain people indefinitely without trial (which so far has not been granted).

What can we learn from history about how they will permanently affect our way of life and the way government operates?

Newsweek article on Continuity of Government (COG).

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