Today we’re talking all about our current situation in combating COVID19. What will do more long-term damage to our society – the virus or the shuttering economy? Is there anything we can compare this pandemic to?

We get into not only the economic and personal impacts but also how this kind of a pandemic exacerbates other major issues in our society such as economic inequality, access to health care, and automation. But we’ll also look to the future and think hard about how this crisis may shift our values and priorities for the better.

Show Notes:

04:10 – Economics of a Crisis
We’re into a structural recession – where the fundamentals of the economy are closed for good. The process of automation is being accelerated and many of these jobs may go away forever.

12:12 – Sifting Through The Rubble
When this is done with, how will we sift through the rubble of this crisis and rebuild? What will we rediscover about this new world as we rebuild together?

18:18 – The Question of Authority
Is there too much emphasis on saving Wall St. vs. Main Street again? And if that happens again, are we headed for civil unrest?

26:00 – An Optimistic Future
What will our neighborhoods become and how might our priorities change as of a result of being isolated and changed? We have an opportunity at hand to rebuild our neighborhoods and become ‘gardeners’.

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