Amongst all the turmoil surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still an election happening and the big news this week was Bernie Sanders clearing the way for Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee.

We’ll take a look at where the polls stand if the election were held today, the big problems facing the Democratic Party, and the complex reasons why this week was the week that Sanders dropped out of the race.

We also discuss the latest in potential VP picks for the Biden campaign, why Trump’s poll numbers have gone from near-record highs and then lower in the course of a couple of weeks, and continue our conversation about the long-term implications of COVID-19 on our economy and our democracy. Thanks for listening and stay safe.

Show Notes:

1:30 | If the election were held today, who is up and who is down? How is Biden faring in many of the battleground states?

5:45 | Why did Bernie drop out now? It’s more complicated than you think and we’ll break it all down.

14:30 | The big problems with the Democratic Party
There is still a split between the more establishment wing of the party and the progressive wing. Does the majority of the party believe Biden is up to the job? And let’s talk about the real issue of identity politics.

16:40 | Who will Biden choose as his running mate? We’ll make some predictions.

22:44 | Trump’s numbers went up because of the economic stimulus package but now they’re going back down. What are the main reasons behind the swing? How does this compare to other ‘wartime’ presidents?

26:34 | Based on the available data, where are we headed and what do we see as the long-term effects on rebuilding our economy.

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