Today’s episode focuses on the ground game and messaging of both the Biden and Trump campaigns- with the backdrop of COVID-19 looming over the economy. A thorn in Biden’s side is AOC and the allegations fo sexual assault which should be addressed and may become a bigger story.

We also dig into how the decision to continue to have states and cities shut down or reopen will affect the general election and a renewed conversation around states’ rights.

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02:00 – The platforms of Biden and Trump
As November approaches, how will both Biden & Trump position themselves with the backdrop of COVID-19? It’s empathy and competence vs economics and big spending.

08:50 – The thorn in Biden’s side is AOC. Biden’s assault allegation is a real issue and will not go away. We talk about how that may shape the conversation this election season.

10:43 – To stay shut down or not to shut down? What are the other implications of the continued shutdown from a mental health perspective? How might these difficult decisions by governors help Trump?

16:43 – Updates on Joe Biden’s choice for a running mate

20:35 – Beyond politics, the under-covered story of the day is looking to the horizon. How will our behaviors change long-term? What does this do for unity or divisiveness in our county and what about how it relates to states’ rights?

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