On today’s episode let’s look at the theme of 2020 as the year of the protest and how many stories from earlier in the year are coming back full-circle. From Hong Kong to Beirut and other cities around the world, populations were taking to the streets and protesting -and now much of the world is on lockdown. In some places the anger is starting to boil over again. We also break down 5 major themes in the 2020 election cycle and look at the value of money as deficits explode around the globe.


01:00 – Although COVID19 had changed everything, movements and challenges from earlier in the year are coming full circle. We’ll take a look at some of the common themes.

04:45 – We talk about the major themes that are developing in the 2020 election cycle that John delivered to the World Affairs Council . Patterns include: Science vs. Skepticism, Empathy vs. Rage, Stability vs Disruption, Healthcare Expansion vs Contraction, and the New Deal vs. New Deal Plus

15:00 – Will any of the candidates run on less spending and controlling the deficit or is that political suicide?

21:05 – What’s the value of money moving forward? Will we have competing world currencies (including cryptocurrency) moving forward?

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