A Focus On Solutions

On today’s podcast we’re looking at solutions and what comes next. We’ll start out by parsing out rumors of Biden’s VP options including who we think is at the top of the list. And we’ll look deeper into the municipal economic crisis that states, cities and towns are facing around the country. What are some solutions and difficult choices that will have to be made, post COVID-19? Finally, we’ll talk about freedom vs control as sates look to re-open their economy and methods of containing the virus which also may impact our privacy.

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Show Notes:

2:15 – Clinton in the wings?
A VP pick traditionally has a couple of fundamental rules – don’t overshadow the nominee and don’t draw unnecessary attention. Who best fits that criteria or are all the rules out the window?
We’ll look at potential Biden VP Picks in multiple scenarios – Michelle Obama, Gretchen Whitmer and….Hillary Clinton?

09:12 – Gretchen Witmer
Ms. Witmer is one of our top picks for VP and is a candidate who might be able to deliver states like Michigan and Wisconsin. We’ll talk about our reasoning behind our thinking. You can also read the full piece on the top VP candidates on our website here:

13:30 – The Municipal Economic Crisis
Let’s take off all partisan hats and look at another looming crisis. For decades, John has been studying and advising municipalities on consolidation and developed strategic plans. With all of his experience, what are some possible solutions that local and state governments should be looking at as our citizens navigate a painful economic climate that will leave lasting changes.

25:22 – Control vs. Freedom
What’s the future political discussion around control vs freedom as states and communities traverse different degrees of re-opening their economies?

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