Today on the podcast we’re focusing on the future. First, we talk about the future of Biden’s candidacy as the campaign for his VP choice heats up amidst sexual assault allegations by Tara Reade. And next we’ll be sharing information about a new report we’ll be releasing twice per month on the future of the country and the issues that will be coming to the forefront of the national conversation. We’d love your comments too on naming options, so please email us your feedback and ideas.

Some of the topics we’re tracking include lockdown protests, consensus around science, media and questions around mandates vs choice when it comes to things such as biometric tracking and a COVID-19 vaccine.

Finally, John reviews and recommends “The Book of Kings” by James Thackara.

Be sure to watch for our new bi-weekly guide at the future coming soon. Stay safe and thanks as always for tuning in.


1:00 – Where does the country stand with the Presidential Race?
At the moment, Biden leads but not by much. There’s pressure building for Biden to pick a running-mate that can heal the partisan divide. We’ll give you the full analysis of the latest jockeying for the VP position.

06:53 – The lingering allegations by Tara Reade continue to be a focus of Biden’s candidacy. Will prominent progressives like AOC eventually come out and support Biden? If there is still a possibility for a brokered convention, who could be the nominee?

23:25 – Protests. Are the wave of protests against lockdowns actually for real?

29:30 – Is there a consensus around ‘what is science’? Do you put your faith into the experts or are we seeing a situation where we can’t even agree on who the experts are?

33:13 – What should be the role of social media platforms in regulating or censoring speech and debate as it relates to misinformation. What is the evolving role of media and do media consumers hold more responsibility than ever to sift through what’s true and what isn’t?

37:03 – Mandates vs. Choice
Biometric ID tracking, The COVID-19 Vaccine and the rise of 5G and AI

38:54 – The Book of Kings (James Thackara) a massive book about the rise of the Nazi party in Germany and WWII from multiple social and political backgrounds. The book contains impossible moral choices that the characters needed to make to save their own lives and the lives of thousands of others. It’s a book about moral choices, ethical dilemmas and the consequences of those choices.

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