Today’s episode focuses on the results of our latest Forbes poll of 18-29 year olds and their thoughts on  the November election, including hypothetical Democratic ticket matchups, Trump’s handling of the pandemic, spending, and much more.

This demographic is key to Trump’s re-election prospects and we’ll investigate what he might be able to do to peel off enough of these voters to win in several battleground states, as well as what happens if even a small amount of young people simply sit this election out.

As we track the data on important metrics throughout the year we’ll start to see trends emerging that will affect our country’s path as it relates to divisive issues such as capitalism vs. socialism, our approach to spending, and optimism vs pessimism as the economic and social effects of COVID-19 grow by the day.

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01:15 – What are our latest polling numbers showing in the general Election and the latest on Joe Biden’s VP Choice. In most nationwide polling, Biden leads by 4-5 points. At a time when Trump is polling so unfavorably with his handling of the pandemic, why isn’t Biden polling higher?

04:13 – We dig into the data of our latest Forbes poll particularly as it relates to the African American vote. Although Biden is leading 18-29 year old African Americans 71% to 17%, that number should have the campaign worried. We also test some hypothetical tickets such as a Biden-Harris vs. Trump Pence .

08:55 – What can trump do to grow his appeal with young people?

11:13 – 18-29 year olds opinions on spending? Are they worried about spending?
Will either of the candidates talk about austerity or will they compete to outspend one another?

15:00 – Is Trump an outsider or an insider?

20:00 – Do voters see light at the end of the tunnel?

22:00 – A key signature question we ask in many of our polls is if you have gone 24 hours without food due to lack of money, and a heartbreaking 1/5th of those we polled have said they have.

22:40 – Capitalism vs. Socialism – have the numbers changed? As we head to November we’ll see the conclusion of this question in terms of what direction our nation may trend.

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