Today we’re providing a quick update on the latest in the Presidential race – including some of the hypothetical matchups of candidates other than Biden that we have tested.

But we spend the bulk of our episode previewing our first report in what we’re calling the Main St./K St. Intelligenseer which will help us to understand what the future of our country will look like. We’ll post the full report on our website and will be offering additional insights and reports moving forward as a subscription.

In our preview we’ll dig into insights surrounding the use of biometric tracking information, AI & 5G, and whether or not we trust science.

That’s just to name a few. Visit starting next week to read the first report completely free. Thanks again for listening, your comments, and subscribing.



3:19 – Biden is leading Trump at this point 53% to 40% – the largest margin so far. We’ll get into the demographics that are helping Biden at this point in the race. But there are some lurking shadows…

6:05 – We’ll give you some of the latest insights on the public’s feelings towards important issues that will affect our future in a big way, including biometric ID tracking, 5G, AI and Robotics.

18:20 – Will 5G, AI and Robotics benefit humanity or cause unforeseen challenges and negative effects that will outweigh any benefits? How will these technologies cause long term disruption to people around the world?

28:26 – Trusting Science – Should we trust existing institutions or are institutions that employ scientists have their own agenda, so views outside the mainstream should be considered.

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