On today’s podcast we’re talking about a host of converging issues, movements and challenges. We’ll start with the 2020 campaign. According to the latest numbers Trump is losing substantial ground with a multitude of voter groups. He’s made the decision to run on ‘law and order’ but its unclear if this will be an effective strategy.

Additionally we’ll talk about the convergence of protests, police reform and COVID19 and whether or not we can expect to see permanent change in our country as a result.

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01:00 – Politics First
Biden is leading in every single battleground state at this point which is enough to ensure an electoral college blowout if the election were today. But it is not today. Just as events have intervened to change the course of the election, more events may change the outlook before November.

Trump’s Law and Order campaign is an effort to win back a whiter, older slice of the electorate.

04:00 – A Backdrop of Turmoil
What can Trump do to change the trajectory of the polls and the discontent across the country. Does unrest continue or subside and what is the potential for the unrest to get much much worse with the ever-looming COVID19 pandemic?

10:53 – The 2nd Edition of the Main St./K St. IntelligenSEER report drops on Monday. Log onto www.johnzogbystrategies.com for important information on what our data shows us about current events, the future of money and where our country is headed.

13:03 – An Inflection Point
Are we at an inflection point where we’ll be experiencing permanent change? From a broad perspective we’re seeing the demographic shift to a majority minority nation – we’re seeing a new voice and cultural mindset of a changing country -and an inevitable battle.

In the 20th century there were really only 3 periods of major reform, 1912-1913 under Wilson, The New Deal, The Great Society in 1964-1965. 2020 and 2021 have the potential to be major periods of reform.

16:30 – Police Force Reform
How do you reform the police force – is privatization an option?
How can we use technology to also increase accountability?

23:10 – Convergence
Are we seeing unrest boil over as a function of so much uncertainty, discrimination and a loss of both hope and economic security?

26:30 – Are we seeing the beginning of the end of corporate media and network news?


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