On today’s podcast – can Trump’s numbers recover? Major polling around the country including in several battleground states has him trailing Biden in a big way. What might happen between now and November? 

We’ll continue our discussion around the top contenders in the race to be Biden’s running-mate. Finally, based on feedback from one of our listeners, let’s talk about critical thinking and the rise of the anti-expert. 

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01:45 – Election Updates
We’ll start with the presidential race and the latest polls. The major polls have caught up with our own data and are showing Biden’s lead widening, and we can see that at this moment Trump is on the ropes. With that said, we still believe that this is a competitive race.

The Republicans are trying to set a narrative to Joe Biden that he’s too old and not up to the job – will it work?

06:27 – Let The Debates Begin
What might the debates between Trump and Biden look like? 

12:45 – The latest on the Biden VP Potential Picks
At this point we believe that Biden is very likely to pick an African American woman. We’ll break down the advantages that each of the top candidates under consideration has. 

20:14 – Critical Thinking and the age of the anti-expert.
How does crowd-sourced media, podcasting and amateur media affect what the public perceives as truth. Does consensus mean true?

28:30 – What’s coming up in the next IntelligenSEER report?
In our next report we’ll look at the historical backdrop of the debate around centralization vs. decentralization. We’ll also show how this fits into the larger discussion around trust and the public’s view of whether or not we will have free and fair elections in the future.

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  1. Enjoyed this fascinating exchange of ideas from two astute and renowned experts. Wonder what you both think of the results of the New York Democratic primaries where insurgents won by relatively wide margins. Jamaal Bowman’s upset over 16-term incumbent, Eliot Engel, seems iconic. AOC crushed her well-financed opponent. And Demaire Jones, a Black LGBTQ+ progressive, won his race. In other states, while the results are still not available in Kentucky, Charles Booker now leads Amy McGrath by a substantial margin. Even though Booker spent only 2% as much as McGrath’s $40-million budget, he struck a chord in Kentucky. Is there a progressive trend?

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