On today’s episode it’s all about the current election. The latest polls have Biden leading in all battleground states and nationally by an average of 9%. What can change between now and Election Day? A lot, but it all depends on who gets the credit and who gets the blame… We’ll talk about the importance of public perception vs reality and how that can make a difference in upcoming elections. Finally – we’ll touch on a story that’s both old and new with the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell. How might the Epstein case factor into the national election?

We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day weekend. Thanks as always for listening, subscribing and for your comments.

Show Notes:

Election Updates:
Trump job approval ratings are very low for any incumbent facing re-election. National polls have Biden up by an average of 9 points and is leading in all battleground states. Trump is also losing ground with voters over 65, white women and white Catholics.

04:16 What can Trump do?
It all comes down to gamble on his bid to re-open the economy and the public perception on economic recovery. Most important, who does the public blame for the handling of the economy and the pandemic.

16:46 The Little Black Book
This week Ghislaine Maxwell, close confidant of Jeffrey Epstein was arrested. While this story is new, it has legs and has the potential to affect elections around the country depending on what additional names become entangled in this case. Might we be in for an October surprise?

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