The election is officially less than 4 months away and we have some of the latest numbers and information about where the candidates stand.

This week we’ll also dive into some surprising and possibly shocking data as it relates to what we’re calling History Wars in our next Main St./K St. IntelligenSEER Report. In this new report we asked voters about their perception of American history, the Black Lives Matter movement, statues of the confederacy and much more. Their responses show a strong correlation that is playing out in the streets and the voting booth.

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01:00 Election Update:
We still have Biden leading by 7 points with 9% still of voters still undecided, so the race has tightened a bit over the last month. He’s has the support of 90% of Democrats and Trump has support of 89% of Republicans- so the race still comes down to independents.

And so we’ll see hundreds of millions of dollars to either suppress these voters or to try to sway them.

We’ll get into why Biden’s lead seems to have shrunk recently and why we’re seeing as much as 14% of black voters support Trump.

15:14 History Wars
In some of our latest polling we look at different views of American history (multiculturalist vs Anglo-Saxon), Black Lives Matter and Confederate Statues. The data will surprise you.

22:23 Do Americans think we are headed for Civil War? A surprising amount of those surveyed think we may be.

26:00 Has the time come for a new Constitutional Convention?

28:10 Which level of government do you trust the most? Local, State, National or None?


  1. Joe Biden’s precipitous decline from a 14-point lead over Donald Trump to a 7-point lead ought to set off alarm bells in the Vice-President’s campaign headquarters. Your analysis that Biden’s decline among Black voters should send a shockwave to the former president and his allies. Biden simply must select a viable Black woman for his Vice-Presidential running mate by August 1st.

    • Seriously? This poll is statistical noise. And from a poorly rated pollster at that. Guaranteed if there is no change in the trend it’ll go back up to 9-10% (or higher) in their next poll. Biden’s lead has either held consistent or expanded with virtually every other pollster.

      And as far as the 14% of black voters supporting Trump I will bet you my mortgage Trump doesn’t get even 10% it that vote come election. Day. Again, it’s statistical noise.

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