On today’s episode we’re talking about the war for the undecideds in the upcoming election and if our country wants to fight a civil war over the Civil War.

Right now most polls are showing Biden way up in the polls, but could the same story play out that we saw in 2016?

Also – in our latest IntelligenSEER report we talk about the status of the federal union and the various divisions we’re seeing in the country. Much of the report is grounded in history and we’ll look at whether we’re prepared to fight a civil war over the Civil War. Can we overcome this current wave of disunity?


01:30 – Election Updates
Trump continues to have bad weeks and seems to be losing support among his own base. What are we seeing? In our latest poll we see the race tightening up to a 7 point lead but most importantly we see Trump and Biden tied when it comes to voters over the age of 65. This is a big swing compared to 2016 where Trump dominated. This tells us there are large numbers of people that are genuinely unsure about who they will support in the election. So you’ll see some of the numbers continue to see-saw between now and Election Day.

Biden currently only has 77% support among African Americans but we anticipate this will increase if he nominates a woman of color as his running-mate.

16:00 – Are we going to fight another Civil War over the Civil War? We’ll dig into the culture wars and why 2020 is a pivotal year for the country.

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