Today on the show we’ll give the latest updates on national polling in the race for the White House and how Trump appears be doing anything he can to improve his chances of re-election.

But we’ll spend the remainder of today’s show discussing the 4th Industrial Revolution. It’s something that promises to reinvent and change most aspects of our lives, careers, and possibly our bodies.

This relationship with technology and machines will have a profound effect on us all and we’ll share some interesting data about who is embracing this change and who fear it.


01:30 – Election Update
We’ll start with a quick election update and once again we’re seeing the COVID19 pandemic affect the country in major ways including the most recent cancelling of the in-person parts of the Republican convention.

In the most recent national polling Trump trails Biden by as few as 7 points to as much as 15 points nationwide and is behind in the key battleground states. If current trends continue, Biden looks to be expanding the map of competitive states. So if the election were held today Trump would be in serious trouble.

This week we’re seeing Trump do whatever he thinks he can do to try to make up ground as we see him switching his rhetoric regarding the impact COVID19 is having on the country.

People seem to be looking for a leader that can show stability and consistency, which is not Trump’s strong suit. He’s now dependent in large part on forces beyond his control.

10:08 – The 4th Industrial Revolution

The speed of this 4th Industrial Revolution is what makes this period of time unique. We’re still catching up with the impacts of the 2nd and 3rd revolutions and we’re truly unprepared for the arrival of AI, biotech and robotics at scale.

Our work and relationship with machines are being transformed and this is the topic of our latest Main St./K St. IntellingenSEER report.

Let’s look at what we’re seeing in the data.

Watch the video we reference in the podcast from the World Economic Forum here – The 4th Industrial Revolution

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