Postpone the election? Undermining the electoral process and matters of trust – these are all core questions and crises facing the country this week. We’ll look at how Trump’s latest tweets are affecting the race for the White House and the public’s trust in our electoral system.

If measured by whether you’re better off than you were four years ago and if the election were held today, a Biden victory would be likely – but expect polls to see-saw. What might affect voters between now and November? We’ll look at multiple scenarios.

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01:30 – Undermining an Election
Trump seems to be setting the table for a case against trusting the election results. Has Trump finally crossed a line for Republicans? Some have said that even the suggestion that the election should be postponed is unconstitutional and possibly an impeachable offense. This is yet another attempt to divert attention from the rest of the news around the country, which has not been good.

06:20 – Do voters expect issues with then next election?

When we look at our own polling when we ask about whiter or not the election will involve fraud or controversy, a solid majority expects this election to be challenged.

09:45 – X-Factors
When you have a personality like Trump who is erratic and who will do anything to win, does he have an ace up his sleeve? Will Trump attempt to burn both parties to the ground in his bid to win re-election? How might the Epstein and Maxwell story factor in?

12:00 – A matter of trust
One thing is clear, the public is very distrustful of Washington D.C.

15:37 – Are you better off than 4 years ago?

17:45 – Expect a see-saw
The polls continue to be volatile – they still seem to show a substantial Biden lead but smaller than before. This has historical precedent based on previous elections where we’ve seen long leads evaporate.

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