What happens after November 3rd?

We say this every week, but what a week it’s been. Today on the show we’ll look at one of the biggest stories of the week – Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris as his running mate and what it means for the 2020 campaign.

But we’re also seeing both sides of the political spectrum preparing for controversy around the outcome of the November election, no matter what it is – and there is potential for real trouble. A large majority of voters we’ve surveyed expect some kind of problem with the election, whether that’s voter fraud, foreign interference, etc. What can be done and where are we headed after November 3rd?

Finally, on that topic we’ll preview the next issue of our Main St./K St. IntelligenSEER report where we investigate the opportunity for a rebirth or a renaissance. Be sure to visit our website for the the full issue as well as past issues.

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01:00 The Biden/Harris Ticket
It’s a big week in the political arena with Joe Biden choosing his running mate, Kamala Harris.
On balance, this is a very good choice for Biden’s campaign. Early polls show that the choice of Harris has wide appeal but this choice has also defined Biden’s campaign as a moderate campaign with broad appeal, including moderate Republicans who feel like they have no other place to go.

On the other hand, she does have a questionable history as a prosecutor in California which may turn off supporters of Bernie Sanders.

When all is said and done – remember the VP nomination is all about the first 72 hours. Now it’s all about who is on top of the ticket.

10:00 What Happens after November 3rd?
Remember that in previous polls we’re still seeing trouble on the horizon. 84% of likely voters we’ve spoken with believe that there will be trouble with this year’s election, and in the absence of a landslide victory, watch for one side to dig in and not accept the results of the election, whatever they may be. There’s a lot to bite our fingernails over.

What really needs to be done on both sides for us to come together as a nation using history as a guide? We can look at the election of 1800 as a guide.

18:00 IntelligenSEER Preview
Look for our new Main St./K St. IntelligenSEER Report coming out next week, where we talk about the opportunity for our country to experience a renaissance amidst all of the challenges we’re experiencing. We’ll open up with how Americans view two competing narratives about the American experience and also look at whether Americans believe in political power or people power (regulation vs personal responsibility). The results are revealing.

What’s clear is that Americans are hungry for a rebirth.

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