As usual there are a lot of big stories this week and the biggest is the RNC. It was also extremely well orchestrated and a very big contrast between the messages of Trump and Biden. We expect that Trump will see a small bump in the polls from a deficit of 7 or 8 percentage points to 4 or 5. The race is tightening and a new poll shows Trump leading in Michigan by 2 percentage points? So where do we stand?

This week we’ll take a look at the contrasting realities put forth by the RNC and the DNC. If you watch both conventions it’s evident that you would be experiencing two totally different Americas and two different realities.

As we move towards Election Day it’s evident that neither side will view the other as a legitimate victor.


Contrasting Conventions:
Biden will run on his record as VP and that his Presidency would be in large part a continuation of Obama’s policies.

Trump will run on his four years. He can correctly say that the economy had grown before COVID and he can say that more African Americans are back to work than ever before. He also is touting his response to the pandemic and large moves in foreign policy.

Remember that in the 2000 election both sides tried to appeal to the center. Both Gore in 2000 and Kerry in 2004 looked behind the numbers and stepped aside to avoid further damage to the country. But this time around there are serious questions around whether Trump would concede. Democrats are also digging in. As we move towards Election Day it’s evident that neither side will view the other as a legitimate victor.

16:00 – We Still Need to Talk About Race
With latest shootings by police and the situation where sports teams across the country are responding with their own protests. Have sports become too politicized?

We may be at a turning point beyond the Civil Rights movement where though you can legislate equality but the systemic racism we see in this country is something that needs to continued to be aired out in every forum.

22:30 What Issues Matter?
We still see the economy as the main issue between now and November. The fact remains that people are hurting and millions are still out of work.

COVID19 also will intersect with healthcare and science vs skepticism as the other major issues playing out in the campaign.

Could a 2nd wave of COVID19 crippling the economy be an October surprise? It’s too soon to make any predictions but between now and Election Day anything is possible.

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  1. Thanks for this sobering analysis of the schismatic impacts of the party conventions. If the polls do indicate a 4-5 point spread between Biden and Trump, it will send a high-voltage shock straight into the hearts of many observers who found solace in Biden’s lengthy double digit lead. Your suggestions concerning the probabilities of economic and or pandemic complications seem quite plausible in the October timeframe. The Armageddon election hurtles upon us with tens of millions of distraught and confused American voters who recently lost their jobs, their livelihoods and their health insurance, made all the more unbearable by a tense atmosphere electrified by police state outrages and violent clashes between vehement racists and passionate civil rights protesters. As you both indicated, it is high time to tighten the seatbelts for the contentious and controversial result of this apocalyptic election. Thank you both ever so sincerely for providing a focus for the blurring whirlwind of calamities we are facing.

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