On today’s podcast, we’ll talk about the latest scandals and revelations to come out of Bob Woodward’s forthcoming book, “Rage” and whether or not they stand to impact the Presidential race. The most serious of these revelations is the President’s own words in downplaying publicly the dangers of COVID19 when he knew it to be much more serious – and the degree to which several staffers view him as unfit to serve.

Does Woodward change any minds at this point in time?

Additionally, we’ll preview some of our new polling data from a survey of 600 likely black voters and what the surprising number of Trump supporters in that group means for the Biden campaign. What’s driving it and is it enough to cut into the traditionally high margins of African American votes Biden needs to take the White House?

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2:00 – RAGE
We start today with Bob Woodward’s book “Rage” in which damaging details have been leaking out all week. The bombshell report details how the President knew about the deadliness of COVID19 much earlier than was told to the public. The juxtaposition of what he knew privately against what was said publicly is something that could be very damaging to his chance for re-election but also to his legacy.

The 2nd group of revelations concerns themselves with the way his staff and administration officials think about Trump’s fitness for office and his ability to lead.

So far, these revelations have had no major impact on the polls. So can Woodward’s book have an impact?

11:30 – Our Latest Poll of Likely Black Voters
We have a new poll of 600 black American voters shows Joe Biden leading 81% to 14%. These numbers could be devastating to the Biden campaign. Especially when it comes to the electoral college.

Typically a Republican gets about 10% of the African-American votes.

The 2nd part of this is that if these numbers hold, why is Trump doing better? What we’re seeing that they are being driven by young black men.

Another factor – these young voters are part of Gen-Z. We’ll dig into why that matters.


  1. Brilliant insights on the lack of visible impact of Woodward’s, Rage – and the mysterious Trump bloc among 18-24 year old black voters. Your comments on the contrasting styles and characters of Biden and Trump make perfect sense. Looking forward to new data, analysis and IntelligenSEER.

    • Michael, thank you for your feedback as always. It should be known publicly, that this podcast exists because of your request! Look out for the live video version coming soon. Also your idea.

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