What’s Going On and What Does It Mean?

On today’s podcast we’re bringing you our analysis of the latest polls and what they mean. Even though most polls show Biden leading Trump, remember 4 years ago, Clinton had an even greater advantage in many polls though she was moving down in the polls. 

The biggest difference was that in many battleground states, it was clear that Clinton was in a downward spiral. We’re not seeing a clear trend here. Some days in many battleground states things are moving back and forth between the two candidates. 

Remember, over 80 million people have voted already. One thing is clear, is that there is the potential for a blue wave. 

So who is going to win? It’s unclear. We’ll give you our (differing) thoughts.

Show Notes:

01:00 – The Latest Polls and What They Mean

13:10 – Social Desirability Bias

Are there enough Trump voters who are not vocal about their support (or Democrats who will vote Trump) to sway the election? We’ll give you some of our thoughts.

19:00 – Our Latest Forbes Poll

21:00 – Hip Hop Endorsements
Several prominent Hip Hop Artists have endorsed Trump’s Platinum Plan or Trump himself. How might this affect black voters?

Other Notes:

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