It’s the Friday after Election Day which is turning into Election Week and beyond and while we don’t know the official results of the race, it’s clear the country is still very divided, but that a Biden Presidency is looking more and more likely.

We’re in the polling business, and today we’ll take a look at not just the state of the race but the state of the polling industry. What did pollsters, get right, wrong, and how does it need to adjust from here. It’s evident that most national polls didn’t get it right (again).

Finally Let’s look toward the future. What might we see in a Biden Presidency in this time of political tribalism.


00:50 – Election Recap

05:10 – The State of Polling

19:15 – What’s Going to Happen/Political Tribalism

Thanks for tuning in, and for your great questions at this past Monday’s Virtual Town Hall. See you next week.

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