This week on the podcast it’s a lively discussion about national community. How do you heal a nation when there are two different worlds of information and narratives being presented to the American people that are at odds with each other?

Do we still have a national community and is it essential? Or are we two nations drifting apart? We’ll talk about how both parties try to de-legitimize the other and the media’s role, and with new travel advisories from the CDC, will Americans trust science and experts as COVID19 infection rates spike yet again?


0:40 – Is it time for Trump to concede?
It’s time for Trump to give it up before his legacy is simply cemented as the President who worked to undermine the democratic process in the United States. Many of the Republicans around Trump may finally be tiring of his strategy.

03:05 – Media and National Legitimacy
What happens when both sides seek to de-legitimize the other and what are the long-term implications for our democracy?

14:50 – The Tyranny of the Minority
One side has to accept that the other has won and the other stands down. Our country seems to be at an impasse where 5 million votes separates the candidates, with no evidence of massive voter fraud, and yet our country seems to still be at an impasse. What’s next is troubling.

20:00 – COVID19 and Travel Warnings
The CDC is warning there should not be holiday travel with the latest infection rates showing 1 million new cases this week and the no end in sight. Will America trust science? The next several weeks will put that to the test and will determine the fate of thousands of Americans. Are their credible alternative voices that are not being heard? Is ‘science’ even a term that is agreed upon?

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