We hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. On today’s episode we’re talking about The Great Reset and whether a worldwide Universal Basic Income could help to stem inequality and lift millions out of poverty. What might that look like? And how does that impact power and control around the world.

We’ll also talk about the 4th Industrial Revolution and discussions at Davis around this major shift. Large questions around whether or not people will be forced to participate in this transformation or not remain.

Finally – can billionaires actually be a driving force to help lessen inequality? To have a counter-movement you have to have a movement.

As always we welcome your thoughts on all of these topics. Leave us a comment or send us and email and we hope you have a great week.


01:20 – Universal Basic Income

11:35 – How Billionaires Can Save the Planet (Ralph Nader)

15:00 – The Great Reset & The 4th Industrial Revolution

23:20 – Do the anti-elite need the elite to drive a creative solution?

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