We’ve spent a lot time talking about how divided the country is and today on the podcast we’ll dig into tribalism and how that is affecting this division. But even more important we’re going to look at better ways to determine what unites us and how we might find common ground moving forward.

We’ll also talk about how tribalism in our states and in Congress is affecting COVID relief talks and we’ll recap some of your comments from last week on how you might rate Trump’s presidency.

Moving forward we’re looking at including some guests on the show. Let us know in the comments or via email who you might like us to speak with as we head into 20201. Have a great week everyone!


01:30 – Tearing Us Apart and Putting Us Back Together Again
Let’s start with one of the factors that is tearing us apart – tribalism. Recently, Rush Limbaugh suggested that we are at a moment where Republicans may be ready to split. Is this a real concern?

Do we have the ability to come together or will our tribal instincts continue to fracture us across many cultural lines?

Remember, America was not born as an ethnicity or a culture – it was born as an idea. Around that, the founding fathers developed institutions to serve a growing national community.

10:00 – Re-thinking Tribes and Demographics
So ingrained in our society are factors such as race, age, gender – but in the digital age this means less and less. Let’s talk about why. We need to re-think about how we segment people.

Let’s look at categorizing people based on who define who they are. What drives decision making is less about age and race and more about their beliefs. What do these diverse groups have in common? How can we use those commonalities to bring our nation together?

19:35 – Divisions and COVID
We have people who have lost their healthcare, unemployment and more – and Congress is haggling over a band-aid and the focus has been around the divisions rather than the commonalities.

23:30 – Your Comments and Guests
We asked you how you might grade Trump’s presidency and who you think would be Time’s Person of the year. We received many interesting responses and we’ll talk about some of the common themes.

We’re hoping to bring on some guests in 2021 – Who would you like to see on the show? Leave us a comment or send us an email.


  1. Very much liked Jeremy’s plea for the search for common ground and the warning that we need to do it now.
    Guests ? Well aside from Brahim how about someone involved in the attempt to reach a deal on a 2nd stimulus package –
    maybe could provide input on the possibilities and obstacles when an attempt for commom ground is made in today’s Washington.

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