Today on the podcast we’ll be talking about some of the numbers that have come out of one of our recent polls on American’s feelings about the COVID19 vaccines. It’s the most comprehensive poll of it’s kind and we have found some significant differences in opinion.


Vaccine Poll Results:
We focused our poll on this new type of vaccine (mRNA) and our results have divided people into three camps – the Hopeful, the Hesitant and the Refusers.

We get into the numbers:
34% feel the vaccines are safe
36% feel it could cause harm
30% are just not sure

When we look at key demographics, older Americans are the most likely to feel hopeful. The under 40 age group are the most likely to feel worry about the vaccine.

There is so much more interesting data in our report which you can read here:

Mandates (16:30)
We also asked the question about vaccine mandates and again, polarization is prevalent. Could this cause a great migration between states? Might we also start to see a geographic and cultural re-alignment of the country?

Another scenario – if things play out according to plan, does the rollout of immunity bring Americans who are hesitant to take the vaccine into the the group who will take it after some period of time?

You can view our full report on our website at and we’d love your thoughts on the data.

We’ll be off until the new year, and we’re grateful you, our listeners as well as your thoughts on comments. Stay safe and we’ll see you in 2021

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