We hope everyone had a safe holiday season, and on our first episode back, we’re starting with our country at a very low point in its history.

So today – let’s talk about what happened, what should happen and debate a bigger picture of what’s happening in the United States.

When we started this podcast a year ago – we predicted that 2020 would be the year of protest. That has certainly proven true.

At the end of the day there needs to be accountability across the board. What happened on Wednesday didn’t start with the 2020 election.

Stay safe, stay tuned – and have a good week.

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  1. The division started prior to the 2016 election and hence the “sick and tired” of politics that create millionaires for those that “serve” the population. The fact that Hillary did not concede and did not even show her face to her “supporters” at the Javits center spoke volumes to those that believe the swamp has an elitist class that care nothing for us. The Russia lie that is now factual in terms of a lie led to impeding the duly elected president from achieving the work of the people, The wasted impeachment show further set the divide and hardened tribal lines. It is rural vs metro at this point. Just as upstate NY has a feeling of no voice this also exists across the rural/fly over America. So we now have created the ability for the political parties to “buy” votes. Why does Governor Cuomo send the NY National Guard to Puerto Rico? To buy votes with our money via funding the National Guard to do so.

    This is what is now becoming more an more evident and the tribal medias are allowing the flames to be fanned. Trump’s success is in part due to creating loyalty within those that feel the government let them down. Partisan politics loves to “Jerry Springer” the base to evoke emotion. It is a sign of the times and there will be long road somewhere that takes us back to a unified nation. Capitol Hill is not capable of laying the foundation to that road as I see it. I agree, it will get worse before it gets better and China will most likely be that catalyst that turns it.

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