Today we’re going to look at healing, legacy, and how we all can do our part to lower the temperature.

People are losing the art of conversation and the ability to listen. We’ve been thinking a lot about empathy and how that might be going down the drain on both sides of the aisle.

Show Notes:

So how can we begin the process of healing our divisions? Let’s check with what we really believe. How can we then go through a process of reconnecting? One of the things we see in our community (Utica, NY) is that most people think that our diversity is a good thing. This region has welcomed refugees from all over the world who now call Utica home.

One thing is clear – it’s hard to hate someone that you truly see and know. It’s easy to de-humanize based on a caricature.
One thought – we need a nationwide network of small conversations in this country. It should be presidential but it should involve religious leaders, activists, civic leaders, business leaders, and be non-partisan. These conversations should launch a dialogue. The most important thing that could come from an initiative like this should be relationships and empathy.

The Inauguration
Let’s shift gears – we have an inauguration next week. If you have 5 minutes with Joe Biden to discuss policy – what would you say?

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  1. If I had a conversation with Biden, I would say, “do not give in to those terrorists!” Charge them with their crimes. They are responsible for murder in addition to a multitude of other crimes as is their leader, Donald Trump. My greatest wish is that the leader will be arrrsted. He deserves it. Giving in to them will only encourage them to commit other heinous acts.

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