On Today’s episode we’ll start with a new poll on how the public is rating President Biden after his first days in office and some of the hot button political questions. We’ve found that Biden is starting off strong. He was elected with 51% of the vote but is sitting at a 56% approval rating. We’ll provide full details of the poll and also share data from Issue 13 of the Main St./K St. IntelligenSEER report.

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1:30 – Biden, by the numbers (so far)
By being a moderate and reaching across the aisle, and taking advantage of the disarray in GOP circles he’s even been able to win some Republican support. We’ll break down all the numbers and share some very interesting insights.

11:50 – Although the numbers show unity by the Democrats – is Tulsi Gabbard setting herself up to be a successor to Sanders’ movement or not?

14:00 A Latent Force?
We’ll also talk about the latest issue of our Main St./K. St.
IntelligenSEER report. In our 13th issue we provide data on populism vs the establishment, taking a role in peacekeeping abroad, human vs. natural rights, personal data and more. Make sure you check out issue 13 on our website: https://johnzogbystrategies.com

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