This week, the 800lb gorilla in the room is the 2nd Impeachment trial. The evidence against the former President has been very effective, but conviction looks highly doubtful. 47% of self-identified republicans said it’s very important to remain loyal to the president and 56% of the public feels the president should be convicted. What’s more important than conviction or exoneration is healing, but how can we heal without any accountability for the events of January 6th?

If Trump is not convicted, how might that embolden future presidents’ behavior. If he is convicted what does that say about holding other presidents to account for what many view as other crimes, including George W. Bush and Obama?

We’ll also look at the latest proposed COVID 19 stimulus package. It’s looking like Biden will continue to hold his ground instead of compromising for a smaller package. Is the era of compromise over before it began? What’s clear is that the American people need relief and thought the need for reform is apparent, at this moment – hearts beats charts.

Show Notes:

01:00 Trump’s 2nd Impeachment

20:30 COVID 19 Stimulus

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