We have a new extensive poll on President Biden’s approval rating and the crisis Middle East, conducted with the Arab American Institute.

The biggest news is that Biden’s job approval rating as of May 20th in our poll has shows an approval rating of 59%, and a disapproval rating of 40% – this is a big gain for him since the election.

We’re not entirely sure that Obama ever reached this level of favorability and Donald Trump never came close.

Biden has 96% approval among Democrats and seems to be keeping their coalition together. He also is getting a majority of Independent voters at this time (55% approval).

Among Republicans, 76% disapprove, but the what’s interesting and important is the following – 24% approve of his job, and remember he only received 4% of the Republican vote in the election.

28% of conservatives and 29% of those who identify as ‘very conservative’ approve of his job.

So, what could derail the current honeymoon? We’ll point to one of the questions in our poll regarding the vaccination rates of employees at the CDC/NIH.

We’ll have detailed results of the that poll available early next week, and next week on the podcast we’ll go into more depth on the questions regarding the perceptions of the crisis in the Middle East.

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