This week we’ll dig into our new poll that was conducted with the American Arab Institute on the conflict in Israel and share some of the chief insights on how different groups of Americans view the conflict. We’ll also talk about the debate in Congress around guns and infrastructure, and finally will speak briefly about our friend and colleague Frank Luntz.

We’re seeing a considerable rise in the support of and sympathy for the Palestinians. Not only is there growth in support for the Palestinians among Democrats but particularly among 18-44 year olds. The greatest support for Israel is coming from those 45 and older.

Congress is yet again having a debate around guns and infrastructure.
Does the Golden Rule apply to guns? On the one hand you have the militarization of the police and federal agencies… If there are limits on the public’s ability to own weaponry, should the same apply to our local police forces? Before we get into macro arguments, can we make real progress by addressing things like closing loopholes regarding access to guns?

Finally we’ll spend a bit of time talking about our colleague and friend Frank Luntz who has been in the news and criticized on many sides.

Have a great Memorial Weekend everyone. Pleas don’t forget to send us your comments and share. We’ll see you next week.

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