Let’s start today by talking about whether or not bi-partisanship is dead or if the possibility of consensus still exists.

The two parties are at war and both seem have the operating rule of ‘no slack whatsoever.’

Is the system coming apart at the seams? Is the real problem the power structures rather than the people? Has party allegiance taken the place of finding consensus? Do we now equate party with religion?

In fact, in our most recent poll, if left up to their own accord, the public could more efficiently reach consensus than the hierarchical party structure.

Let’s also talk about President Biden’s upcoming overseas trip. He seeks to assure western allies that America is with them, but the pitfall is that US cannot be the dominant funder when it comes to security. Further what will the meeting between Biden and Putin bring?

Thanks for tuning in this week and as always, we appreciate your comments and your feedback!

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