When we closed the podcast last week, we promised we’d talk about Critical Race Theory, and today we’ll have a lively debate. At it’s core, Critical Race Theory is about making sure that we recognize that from the very beginning, American history was comprised of a number of cultures, histories, actions and policies. Additionally, violence and injustice has also defined large parts of our history, and this is a story that also needs to be told, no matter how uncomfortable.

Does Critical Race Theory open the door towards empathy or does it enforce guilt and shut down debate? If we truly are to move beyond racism in this country, is Critical Race Theory an essential component?

We’ll also discuss how this is a troublesome issue for Democrats. Republicans are using this as an effort to paint Democrats as moving the country too far to the left. Being bombarded with criticisms on an issue as complex as Critical Race Theory is something that’s not easily defended against. It’s not something that fits neatly on a bumper sticker. What might the implications be as we are already looking toward the midterms?

Thanks as always for listening, watching and your insightful comments. We’ll see you next week!

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