Today on the podcast we’ll be responding to a recent column that stood out to us from France. The columnist asks if this is the end of both Biden and Trump. There’s no infrastructure plan and the administration hasn’t met its goal of 70% of the country vaccinated.

And as for Trump there is the most recent indictment of his company on tax evasion. Let’s look at both.

First let’s talk abut Biden – in addition to the items above the economy is a bit shaky and there are concerns about economic inflation. The President’s approval numbers are also sinking a bit.

In terms of Trump – is this the end? Hardly. This will come off as intensely partisan and may end up like the impeachment trials. He thrives in this environment.

More likely is this the end of the current system? How long can ‘business as usual’ go on regarding this degree of partisan politics

We’ll also talk about CSPAN’s recent poll of the greatest U.S. Presidents. We’ll talk about some of the more surprising rankings. How do we, or how CAN we objectively rank Presidents in the context of history?

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