In 2003 We had taken a poll and had asked a whole bank of values and behavioral questions – and cross-tabulated that data with whether you lived in a red or blue state. The results were stark. You were twice as likely to be pro-life in a red state than a blue state. How do you define God in your life? An all-knowing being who governs everything or the watch maker who simply set everything in motion? You were twice as likely to believe God was a watchmaker in a blue state than a red state.

18 years later – we not only have red state blue state differences but a red state blue state reality. There’s also a real antagonism – and what we don’t know is if this is healable? Do we want to heal?

The question is do we have a set of national values and a national government and leadership that is a guiding hand or is is the only way forward a decentralized model of government?

Finally – we’re excited to announce that in September we’ll be having our first guest on the podcast. Parag Khanna who has written a number of books about the guru . We’ll be talking about his upcoming book ‘Move’ which is about how Millennials are global citizens and how they will go where the opportunities are, no matter where they are around the globe.

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