America and the world are at the crossroads in more ways than one. John and Jeremy open the conversation with an in-depth analysis of Super Tuesday’s surprising results and then spell out its overtones.

No doubt about it, episode 9 is our most in-depth and covers a wide range of topics – while never losing sight of the central theme.

Show Notes:

5:00 What happened to the 18-29-year-olds and how does that impact Sanders’ chances for the nomination? What happens to that same voter group when Bernie looks like he can actually win? Will they stick with him?

08:50 – How do voters look at disruption to the system now that Trump was elected?

13:00 – The Rise and Fall of Michael Bloomberg

17:30 – With the main candidates being in their 70s, Jeremy and John debate why we’re still being ruled by ‘boomers’ and some of the generational divides that exist in and around politics.

22:50 – Do boomers have any good advice for older millennials that are inheriting positions of leadership or are boomers just out of touch? We’ll have a cross-generational deep dive.

30:30 – What skills do the millennial generation need more than ever in leadership positions?

33:30 – A Zogby family history on wisdom and leadership.

36:00 – A quick update on the spread of the Coronavirus and a theory of one overlooked way it may be spreading – hard currency.

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