This week let’s set the table for a conversation around voting rights.
Democrats see the recent legislation republicans are putting forth across the country as a direct attempt to curtail voting by people of color. Let’s understand that politically, Democrats typically receive around 90% of African American votes.

The counter argument is that Republicans have gained ground with African American men in particular, why would they try to limit that growth that may swing elections.

Is there any compelling at all that voter fraud is a problem?

At its core, is this legislation about race, or about power and control?

We’ll also talk briefly about the state of the pandemic. Is this in fact, now a pandemic of the unvaccinated?

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  1. Exactly how would the new voter of laws prevent anyone from getting an id to vote? I do not see any specifics in your analysis. Also, approximately 20 states already require I’d to vote. So, are these states racist too?

  2. I agrre…. Labeling is the rally cry that divides the nation. To use those lables, which are opinion in reality, serves no purpose. We know now how unity is destroyed. The notion of having ID is not earthshaking. John is wrong in his statement of we have never had to present voter ID, remember the blue voter registration cards of the 60s and 70s?
    There is a real social media enable war going on to destabilize the long held unity of the nation. Infusing lables into discussion as fact loses the persons credibility.

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