We need to talk this week about the events of January 6th, and the commission to investigate those events. How did this become a political issue? If Trump had won the 2020 election, would we have seen the same types of outrage or actions from those on the left?

Does this sort of event come from a growing mistrust of institutions and leadership in our country on all sides of the political spectrum? Are the current power brokers in Washington simply out of touch with what’s happening on the ground across the country?

After periods of tumult, in many instances a period of prosperity has emerged. Can this be what might follow?

Also this week, we’ll talk briefly about the potential for the federal government developing a ‘digital dollar.’ At some point, are we moving towards a genuine decline in nationalism and more global institutions, particularly as milennenials think of themselves as global citizens? What are the long-term impacts of this globalization and a nationalized digital currency? What are the privacy implications?

Finally, we’ll bring the conversation back to where we started and ask – is the Jan 6th Commission a legitimate investigation at this point?

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