If you run a company, you might already know that employee morale, clear lines of communication, and meaningful behavioral changes are crucial for continued improvement and increased work efficiency. Without an effective way of measuring how employees feel and act in the workplace, it is difficult to enact positive changes that will lead to long-term progress. For this reason, employee opinion surveys are essential tools for every workplace.

By conducting an employee opinion survey, you can understand levels of workplace satisfaction by hearing directly from your employees. Hearing feedback from employees can open the door to further discussion, allowing you to enact in-depth changes to specific work practices that they deem unsatisfactory. You may not be aware of inefficient or detrimental work practices until your employees inform you about them, so this process is vital for a growing company or organization. The mere act of giving your employees a voice can also increase morale and contentment with their work environment. Allowing your employees to provide feedback shows that you value their thoughts and opinions, which increases trust.

Not only are employee opinion surveys an effective way to drive improvement of work practices, but they are also a surprisingly potent way to change employee behavior. Studies have shown that asking employees whether they intend to perform a specific task can increase the chances they will perform said task. For example, the Harvard Business Review cited one study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, which reported that asking respondents if they planned to buy a computer in the next six months made them 18% more likely to do it. Even if respondents are not planning to complete a task, simply asking about it brings it to their attention and forces them to reconsider their intentions. If you are looking for improvement in certain areas, you can include questions about them on your employee opinion survey.

If you’d like to conduct employee opinion surveys for your company, it’s important to find a trustworthy third-party company that can ensure employee confidentiality. As an experienced opinion survey service, John Zogby Strategies is ready to lend expertise to your upcoming surveys. Contact us today to get started.

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