In this week’s JZS report we share news about:

i) Zogby’s presentation of Tribal AnalyticsSM at the World Affairs Council

ii) Coming Soon, “Who’s Your Neo-Tribe?”

iii) And the latest on Trump’s Weekly Report


1) Zogby at World Affairs Council

Last week John Zogby presented the revolutionary tool Tribal AnalyticsSM at the World Affairs Council Author Series.

Zogby Covered topics such as:

  • The methodology behind Tribal Analytics.
  • The importance of moving beyond demographics which have proven to be arbitrary in the digital age.
  • America’s distinct 11 Neo-Tribes.
  • Tribal AnalyticsSM various applications in the fields of Human Resources, Education, Jury selection, Marketing, Politics, and more.
  • How Tribal AnalyticsSM is better suited for the 21st century workplace: the end of silos, the move towards collaboration, and the importance of assessing group dynamics over individual personality traits.

Here is what one opinion leader had to say about the presentation – 

Hooray for you. Your neo-tribes concept is not only fascinating, it is a very timely challenge to media, academia and the outdated “Politically correct” who have further polarized, politicized and oversimplified Americans today.

~Diana Lady Dougan (Former Ambassador and Director of Corporation for Public Broadcasting)

See images of John Zogby presenting at WAC herehere, and here.

We anticipate the program to be broadcasted May 7th.  Once the program is available for broadcast you may view online by visiting the World Affairs Council YouTube Channel:


2) Coming Soon…Who’s Your Neo-Tribe?

  • Going beyond simple and often one-dimensional demographics.
  • John Zogby Strategies has developed 11 Neo-Tribes that comprise the American people today.
  • We will be featuring one Neo-Tribe per week beginning.

Meet the Happy Hedonists

Comprised of all age groups, religious affiliations and non-affiliations, regions, and ethnicities, this Neo-Tribe represents the dominant personalities, aspirations, and behaviors of 11% of Americans.

Life Mission — seek and have fun, live adventurously

Factors in Choosing Fellow Tribe Members — People who want as much fun as they can get

Definition of Success — Living one’s dream, life in the fast line, as much carefree fun as possible

One Thing Missing to Complete Life — Becoming a Movie Star

Strengthening Tribal Bonds — Groups vacations, local sports events, music festivals, pariticipating in an online chat or sharing a picture on Facebook.

Is this you?

Coming Soon — the only app that will help you identify your Neo-Tribe.

Stay Tuned


3) Zogby’s Weekly Report Card on Trump

From the Washington Examiner:

President Trump’s polling numbers actually slipped again. His average is down to 41 percent which means his show of strength in Syria, his meeting with the Chinese president, and his sabre-rattling at North Korea did not really move public opinion favorably as these usually do.

As he moves closer to his first 100 days in office, he has just not been able to take advantage of both a normal honeymoon nor a majority in Congress to get anything done. He appears to be fulfilling some of his campaign promises but things like defunding Planned Parenthood, building an oil pipeline throughout the Midwest, and bombing the sh— out of our enemies is just not cutting it.

It is hard to see how he gets tax cuts and reform passed, let alone a trillion-dollar infrastructure bill.

But a word of caution to his enemies: Mr. Trump is not close to being removed from office. Whether or not I agree or disagree with much of what he has done, he was resolute this week. He still has the juice.

Grade C-


Disclaimer – The opinions stated in the Weekly Report Card do not necessarily reflect the opinions of John Zogby Strategies**

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