In this week’s JZS report we share news about:

1) Meet the Persistents: a brief bio on one of Zogby’s 11 Neo-Tribes
2) Coming Soon: What’s your Tribe?
3) And Trump’s Weekly Report Card

1) Meet the Persistents:

  • Almost one in 5 of us say their lives have been defined by some form of horrible personal tragedy.
  • This Neo-Tribe says their life mission is all about perseverance over life’s struggles and adversity.
  • They also prefer to feel most comfortable in the company — in person or on social media — with people who have to deal with similar struggles.
  • Members of other Neo-Tribes aspire to great things but survival, in one word, is what these Persistents call success.
  • The one thing missing for them to complete their lives is ‘becoming a selfless missionary’.
  • And they forge bonds mainly via simple things like group vacations and school events.

Does this sound like you or anyone you know?

2) Zogby’s Tribal Analyzer:

Coming soon – The only app you’ll need to identify your Neo-Tribe.

As well as….

  • determine an organization’s next board member(s)
  • help management form cohesive problem-solving teams
  • aid non-profit organizations to unearth new streams of donors
  • optimize messages to find new niches and broaden bases of support

And much more.

3) Zogby’s Weekly Report Card on Trump:

From the Washington Examiner:

The week marked Day 100 and artificial benchmark or not, I have to do what I have to do. President Trump has scored by getting his Supreme Court choice approved. And that is momentous. But he has not achieved anything via the legislative process at all. He has also backtracked on a number of promises which, on one hand shows practicality and willingness to compromise but, on the other hand, is totally contrary to what he promised and who he says he is.

He says we are close to something major major with North Korea and that makes some people relieved that there are folks like Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis around. On the other hand, one ‘major’ is enough to scare many folks. Major major? He has shown questionable judgment in bringing Steve Bannon and Mike Flynn into his inner circle. Let’s just say that hasn’t induced confidence. He has also backtracked on Obamacare, on the Paris Climate Treaty, on Iran, on Russia, on Syria, and on China.

On top of everything, the economy experienced the slowest growth in three years during these first three months of 2017 and the president’s polling numbers are still at only 43 percent approval. After 100 Days there is supposed to be clarity and I think there is none. Very bad start.

Grade: F

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